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Posted on May 4th, 2022 to Uncategorized

There’s a blatant disconnect between the traditional, established cannabis market and the emerging legal market. A lot of decision-makers in the legal industry are more concerned about money than they are about the actual plant. The patients and consumers are the last thought of most of these corporations.

Delivered wants to be part of the change that gets away from corporate cannabis. Our founders truly believe in the wonders of this plant and the power it offers. It was there for us when we needed it most, and now, the least we can do is be here for the community when it needs us most.

One way we plan to do this is by sharing all of our experiences, and this blog is the first step to achieving that.

Our founders, Ruben Seyde and Jackson Mejia, will take turns writing blogs about our experiences, our progress, cannabis startup tips, and anything cannabis-related. We also hope to bring on guest authors every now and then to get different perspectives.

We don’t have any particular schedule for when blogs will be posted, so you are encouraged to sign up to our mailing list to get all of our latest n

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That’s all we have for now. Thank you for your support, we’re excited to be your favorite cannabis home delivery service.

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