Personalized AI-Driven Cannabis Shopping App Announces Official Launch in Massachusetts with home delivery partner, Delivered, Inc

Delivered, Inc, Jointly App, cannabis home delivery MA

Posted on May 17th, 2024 to Blog Post by

Delivered, Inc, Jointly App, cannabis home delivery MA

Jointly aims to foster a community where cannabis consumption is understood, respected, and optimized for individual goals and wellness

Clinton, Massachusetts– Jointly, a leader in software and data for purposeful cannabis consumption, today announced its launch in Massachusetts’ adult-use cannabis market through its retail delivery partner, Delivered, Inc

Massachusetts consumers can now use Jointly’s revolutionary AI-driven app to find success with cannabis by learning and practicing purposeful consumption, exploring new products, and reflecting on their experiences. 

Consumers can download Jointly’s mobile app from the App Store or Google Store to track goals for their cannabis consumption, their successes, product choices, and the factors impacting their experiences. In turn, Jointly’s AI technology uses this to create a rich data reservoir that powers Jointly’s intelligence and recommendations.

A New Era of Cannabis Shopping for Massachusetts Consumers

The launch of Jointly through a cannabis home delivery dispensary in Massachusetts is a game-changer for cannabis shoppers. 

David Kooi, Jointly’s CEO and Co-Founder, highlighted Jointly’s novelty: “For the first time, people can shop for cannabis by talking to an AI that has real data about what works best for people based on the reasons they’re looking for.”

Eddy Twal, Delivered Inc’s CMO and Co-Founder had to say: “At Delivered, Inc., we pride ourselves in the customer experience. We strive to provide tailored recommendations based on their needs. Partnering with Jointly, a platform that learns habits and trends and gives personalized recommendations will take our customer experience to the next level.”

About Jointly

Jointly is a forward-thinking cannabis software company committed to helping people reach their goals with cannabis and elevating the shopping experience with their data-driven purposeful cannabis consumption framework. By combining AI technology with a deep understanding of consumer needs, Jointly is at the forefront of the cannabis industry’s evolution towards more personalized, informed, and effective consumption.

About Delivered, Inc

Based out of Clinton, MA, Delivered is a social equity and minority-owned cannabis home delivery dispensary offering cannabis home delivery services to Central Massachusetts. Customers can browse Delivered’s website (, select their preferred cannabis products, add them to their cart, and schedule their delivery window. 

Delivered Inc. is based out of Clinton, Massachusetts. Follow Delivered on Instagram (@thedeliveredinc) or Facebook (Delivered Inc – Clinton, MA) and visit to sign up for their texting program to stay up to date and get Delivered, Inc’s best savings. 

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