🏀🌿 March Madness Massachusetts Cannabis Edition 🏀🌿

Massachusetts cannabis brands March Madness competition

Get ready for an epic showdown as local cannabis brands face off in Delivered, Inc’s March Madness Cannabis Competition! Just like the NCAA tournament, our featured brands will go head-to-head each week based on their sales performance. But instead of basketball teams, it’s all about the best buds and products from your favorite local brands. Here is the best part: you, the consumer, are the real winner. Consumers will enjoy 40% off all products from the winning brand for a full 24 hours!!!

delivered, inc cannabis home delivery march madness challenge

Delivered, Inc March Madness Massachusetts Cannabis Edition

Winner: Bailey's Buds!

The results are in: Bailey’s Buds is the first winner of Delivered Inc’s March Madness Cannabis Competition! Enjoy 40% off all Bailey’s Buds products today, 4/13/24, only! Shop Bailey’s Buds cannabis home delivery throughout Central Massachusetts here.

40% Baileys Buds, cannabis home delivery ma, weed home delivery ma
nimbus cannabis co vs baileys buds, march madness

MA Cannabis Madness Final Four

Southie Adams vs Nimbus Cannabis Co

Congratulations Nimbus Cannabis Co for moving onto the finals!

southie adams x nimbus, cannabis home delivery MA

MA Cannabis Madness Final Four

Fernway vs Bailey's Buds

Congratulations Bailey’s Buds for moving onto the finals!

Fernway x Baileys buds, cannabis home delivery MA

🏀🌿 March Madness Massachusetts Cannabis Edition 🏀🌿

How it'll work

Weekly Sales Showdown:

Every week, two local cannabis brands will compete in a sales showdown. The brand with the highest sales will advance to the next round.

Final Four Selection:

After several weeks of intense competition, we’ll select the top-performing brands to make up our Final Four. These brands will have proven themselves as fan favorites and sales champions.

Fan Poll for Championship:

Once the Final Four is set, it’s time for YOU to have your say! Once the semi-final brackets are set, you will get a vote to pick which brands make it to the final. The top two brands with the most votes will advance to the championship round. Here, you will once again the a vote to pick Massachusetts best cannabis brand.

Championship Discount 🏆:

The brand that emerges victorious in the championship will not only earn bragging rights but also a special reward for our customers. Customers will get a fantastic 40% off the winning brand’s products for a full 24 hours.

🎉 Don’t Miss the Excitement:

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for weekly updates on matchups and sales standings.
Get ready to cast your vote in the Final Four poll and help determine the ultimate champion.
Celebrate with us as we crown👑 the winning brand and unlock exclusive discounts for our valued customers.💰

Let the madness begin – may the best cannabis brand win!

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